Spector Family Slide Show and Movies with Commentary!

At our 7/11/15 reunion I had the pleasure of showing a slide show of many family photos from 1900-1980’s and  digitized 8 mm films of Spector Family Circle events from 1955 thru 1960.

What made this more interesting was that I was able to capture the combined audio commentary of those watching the slide show – including a number of the Schwartzs, David and Walter Weinstein, Jerry Cohen and others.  To my knowledge this was the first many in the room were seeing many of the pictures and movies.

I have matched the audio commentary to the video track (since neither the pictures or 8 mm movies had audio, obviously)

Please note – there is a gap in the audio track and the richest comments are in the latter 40 minutes or so with the digitized 8 mm films.

Also, the Eisner parakeet was in the room making parakeet noises.  Alas, this was imprompteau and less than ideal audio recording, but very rich.


One thought on “Spector Family Slide Show and Movies with Commentary!”

  1. Adam, fabulous job that I know took a lot of time. Many thanks from all of us for keeping the Spector Family archives alive and well.

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